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Tithum styling kits for

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logo_civichatchback B.png

TiThum car body kits fit in your Honda Civic Hatchback as well. Come up with great advantages-it's cool, flawless, luxury and absolutely no one can imitate your style!


  • Type-R replica

  • Slim fit, no need for wheel-spacers


This styling kit consists of 5 parts

  1. Front bumper cover

  2. Front over-fenders

  3. Rear bumper cover

    • Replica chrome mufflers

  4. Wide Side skirt

  5. Rear spoiler with vortex fins

Front Bumper Cover

Slim Overfenders (Front)

Side Skirts

Rear Wings

Roof Vortex Fin

Rear Bumper Cover

Chrome Exhaust Tips

Slim Overfenders (Back)

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